Author: HarryHonu

Protip Don’t Hit The Island

Today’s Kite Pro-Tip:  Don’t Hit The Island! It seems so basic, but this is the most important rule with our local watersports. So here is Today’s Tip, “Don’t Hit the Island”. So this means that entering and exiting the water are the most dangerous times. Hitting hard land is much worse than hitting the soft water, for your body and for your gear.  When riding, people should pay close attention to keeping a minimum safe distance away from shore. When you are getting into the water, drag far away from shore before attempting to waterstart on your board. When returning to the beach, slow down and exit with extreme care and control. Keep in mind that you may stop, but your board may continue toward the rocky shoreline especially if there are any waves. So always take care to avoid crashing into the island! 

Avoid Crashing

Kite Pro-Tip:  Avoid Crashing!: It seems so basic, but it still needs mentioning because people are not all kiting safely. It is the responsibility of every kiter to Avoid Crashing. This means that if someone is in your path, you must do what ever you need to do to avoid crashing into them!

SO there are also rules of the Road, and etiquette, but the Number One Rule above all others is “Avoid Collisions At all Costs“. So this means that if there is someone in your path water-starting, then you must Stop or turn around. You cannot keep coming and hit them or their kite. SO every kiter needs to develop a sense of Spatial awareness, and know how much room (and time) they need to maneuver around obstacles and especially avoid tangling kites too. Keep in mind you also need a margin of safety too, because you cannot “scrape by” close to people with a few feet to spare and say you are kiting safely. Never endanger another person, so do not attempt to pass by other people in an unsafe manner. Learn how to stop quickly and turn reliably so that you can always take the necessary steps to avoid collisions, and crashing into other people. Always be prepared to stop, and wait until the way is clear. Never proceed if the path in front of you is not clear, SIMPLE.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season:  Hurricanes are most likely to occur July through December in Hawaii. Hurricanes bring severe bad weather, flooding rain and potentially devastatingly strong winds. The passing of a Hurricane may last days or up to a week or more. The Hurricanes usually develop far away in the eastern Pacific and we generally get several days or more warning of their approach. So there is usually time to make preparations and even evacuate if necessary. Many Hurricanes come close to Hawaii but are just too far away to have a severe effect, This near-miss scenario, and repeated canceled warnings, can give some people a false sense of security. Until one does hit, and they may be unprepared. Here’s the link to the National Hurricane Center (NHC)

Kite Video

Kite Video Club
Homegrown Kite Videos from our Kite Club Maui friends. Most of these videos are from active members of our Kite Video Club, and premiered at our Video nights. Check our schedule for upcoming video nights and events. We recommend only using high-speed internet connections when attempting to download or play these videos. these files are quite large ranging from 20mb to 150mb. You may need to pause your video to allow it to buffer so you can play it without stopping mid stream. We recommend having the Windows Media Player installed on your computer to best view all the Movie files.

Kite Beach Club

Maui’s original Kite Beach Club has opened its doors for kiters of all levels to come and enjoy all the amenities of our world famous Kite Beach. Kite Beach Club provides kiters with on site assistance, including:  gear tuning, launching, landings, new rider supervision, and regular free clinics, Kite Beach Club is an extension of our Kite Club’s ongoing commitment to kiteboarder comfort, safety and security. Our exclusive kite beach club offers our riders assistance and support during and after their lessons. Kite Beach Club offers exclusive Demo Days and new rider support. For more details Check-in at our Kite School van at Action Beach for our Kite Beach Club





Kite Girls Club

 Ladie’s Day for KiteGirlz

Who can enter: For all the girls that have their own gear. Have had basic training in one of our our lesson programs up to IKO L2, or are certified IKO L2 or higher. Our group includes girls of all levels, for coaching, expressions sessions, sharing, kite tips, advice and more. Groups supervised by IKO Certified kiteboarding Instructors. Private coaching also available. Ride sessions are held at Kite Beach Club at Action Beach, Kanaha.


Kite Club Maui presents, Women’s Kite Clinic Series

open to intermediate and advanced kiters.

WOMEN’S KITEBOARDING CLINICS include guest instructors like Kristin Boese, Tonia Farman, and Clarissa Hempel. Come and join our exclusive women’s events.

You are invited to attend our exclusive Women’s only Kiteboarding Clinics
. These clinics are open to all women kiters that are (IKO L3#) upwind riders with their own gear. Register at Kite Club Maui or call Action Sports Maui. Reservations are essential because numbers are limited. The Clinic begins at 11am till 5:00pm each day. We cover all skill levels of riding from cruising, basic jumping, boosting, wake-style, and spins. If you are from out of town and need assistance with accommodation for the event, send an email. Numbers are limited so book early to make your reservation.