Avoid Crashing

Kite Pro-Tip:  Avoid Crashing!: It seems so basic, but it still needs mentioning because people are not all kiting safely. It is the responsibility of every kiter to Avoid Crashing. This means that if someone is in your path, you must do what ever you need to do to avoid crashing into them!

SO there are also rules of the Road, and etiquette, but the Number One Rule above all others is “Avoid Collisions At all Costs“. So this means that if there is someone in your path water-starting, then you must Stop or turn around. You cannot keep coming and hit them or their kite. SO every kiter needs to develop a sense of Spatial awareness, and know how much room (and time) they need to maneuver around obstacles and especially avoid tangling kites too. Keep in mind you also need a margin of safety too, because you cannot “scrape by” close to people with a few feet to spare and say you are kiting safely. Never endanger another person, so do not attempt to pass by other people in an unsafe manner. Learn how to stop quickly and turn reliably so that you can always take the necessary steps to avoid collisions, and crashing into other people. Always be prepared to stop, and wait until the way is clear. Never proceed if the path in front of you is not clear, SIMPLE.