Kite Girls Club

 Ladie’s Day for KiteGirlz

Who can enter: For all the girls that have their own gear. Have had basic training in one of our our lesson programs up to IKO L2, or are certified IKO L2 or higher. Our group includes girls of all levels, for coaching, expressions sessions, sharing, kite tips, advice and more. Groups supervised by IKO Certified kiteboarding Instructors. Private coaching also available. Ride sessions are held at Kite Beach Club at Action Beach, Kanaha.


Kite Club Maui presents, Women’s Kite Clinic Series

open to intermediate and advanced kiters.

WOMEN’S KITEBOARDING CLINICS include guest instructors like Kristin Boese, Tonia Farman, and Clarissa Hempel. Come and join our exclusive women’s events.

You are invited to attend our exclusive Women’s only Kiteboarding Clinics
. These clinics are open to all women kiters that are (IKO L3#) upwind riders with their own gear. Register at Kite Club Maui or call Action Sports Maui. Reservations are essential because numbers are limited. The Clinic begins at 11am till 5:00pm each day. We cover all skill levels of riding from cruising, basic jumping, boosting, wake-style, and spins. If you are from out of town and need assistance with accommodation for the event, send an email. Numbers are limited so book early to make your reservation.


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